creep magnet #58 old school


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  1. snake handler by L7 on L7 (epitaph) $ Buy
  2. mary by future twin on <3 (independant ) $ Buy
  3. 90210 by the courtneys on single (burger records) $ Buy
  4. iron deficency by the courtneys on the courtneys ii (flying nun) $ Buy
  5. Break
  6. LAPD by the voids on the voids (dr. strange records) $ Buy
  7. fieles siempe al vicio by cocadictos on cocadictos (bazofia records) $ Buy
  8. feelings by ugly on demo (self) $ Buy
  9. S.O.F.T. by Elastica on Elastica (geffen) $ Buy
  10. Line up by elastica on elastica (geffen) $ Buy
  11. La tribu de las Chochoni by Alaska y los pegamoides on grandes exitos (ruffhouse) $ Buy
  12. Circles by Ace of Cups on it's bad for you buy it (ace records) $ Buy
  13. Deep in my heart by Wendy Rene on Compilation (staxx/volt) $ Buy
  14. caught you in a lie by lousia marks on single (safari) $ Buy
  15. come on home by lijadu sisters on mother africa (afrodisia/decca) $ Buy
  16. TV girls by susan on Tv girls (Volar records) $ Buy
  17. thoughtforms by Lush on Scar (4AD) $ Buy
  18. second sight by lush on scar (4AD) $ Buy