The Revolution Summer 065


  1. Composure by Real Friends on Composure (Fearless)
  2. Still Clean by Soccer Mommy on Clean (Fat Possum)
  3. Bad Things To Such Good People by Pedro The Lion on Winners Never Quit (Jade Tree)
  4. My Solution Is In The Lake by Pentimento on I, No Longer (Bad Timing)
  5. Apathy Is A Cold Body by Poison The Well on You Come Before You (Atlantic)
  6. The First Morning by Sarge on The Glass Intact (Mud)
  7. Syntax Lies by The Faint on Media (Saddle Creek)
  8. Broken Necks by Ó on O.K. (Double Double Whammy)
  9. A Crown And A Cane Is Needed For The 4th Floor by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) on You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (Stiff Slack)
  10. Ambulance by Eisley on The Valley (Equal Vision)
  11. June by Kerosene 454 on Situation at Hand (Art Monk Collective)
  12. Folk Song For Jazz by Ratboys on AOID (Topshelf Records)
  13. Bloom by Respire on Dénouement (Middle Man)
  14. South Lake Detour by Ribbon Fix on Some Saturday This Has Been (Grafton)
  15. It Has To Start Somewhere by Underoath on Erase Me (Fearless)
  16. Solid 2 Void by Half Waif on Lavender (Cascine)
  17. Reaper by Have Mercy on Make the Best of It (Hopeless)
  18. Surprise Party by Grown Ups on More Songs (Topshelf)
  19. This Is The Part by Gratitude on Gratitude (Atlantic)
  20. Sweat by Gouge Away on Swallow/Sweat (Secret Voice/Deathwish)
  21. Under A Honeymoon by The Good Life on Album Of The Year (Saddle Creek)
  22. What Doesn't Kill You by Able Baker Fox on Voice (Second Nature)
  23. Cul De Sac by Pup on Pup (Royal Mountain)
  24. Something From Me by Petal on Magic Gone (Run For Cover)
  25. I Got High by Owen on L'Ami Du Peuple (Polyvinyl)
  26. Drive by Now,Now on Saved (Trans)
  27. Nickel Wound by Texas Is The Reason on Do You Know Who You Are? (Revelation)
  28. Too Intellectual For My Own Good by The February Stars Union on Kicked Out Spokes (Self Released)
  29. Stare At The Sun by Thrice on the Artist in the Ambulance (Island/Def Jam)
  30. Different People by Man Overboard on The Human Highlight Reel (Run For Cover)