C00L WORLD - 005 - Ethan Cantil-Voorhees + Mackenzie Nicholson (Organ House)

Kelsey Styles sits down with non-monogamy & sexual exploration leaders, Ethan Cantil-Voorhees and Mackenzie Nicholson of Organ House (OH!), to discuss enthusiastic consent, navigating your first play party, orgies and dating in the poly community.  

For more information on Organ House, visit https://organhouse.org/


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  1. Fuck Gentrification by Og Swaggerdick on Fuck Gentrification (Self-Released) $ Buy
  2. Death Grips is Online by Death Grips on Year of The Snitch (Harvest Records) $ Buy
  3. Devotion (ft. Coby Sey) by Tirzah on Devotion (ft. Coby Sey) (Domino Recording Co.) $ Buy
  4. Lazy Love by Tanukichan on Sundays (Company Records) $ Buy
  5. Kaleidoscope by Ringo Deathstarr on Colour Trip (Sonic Unyon Records) $ Buy
  6. Tru by P.H.F. on I Hate Myself (Danger Collective) $ Buy
  7. Late by Hovvdy on Cranberry (Double Double Whammy) $ Buy
  8. Revelations by Dirt Dress on Revelations - EP (Future Gods) $ Buy
  9. Big Goof by Doug Bleichner on Volume III (Skeleton Realm Records) $ Buy
  10. Make Time 4 Love by The Goon Sax on Make Time 4 Love (Wichita Recordings) $ Buy
  11. Sweet Dreams by The Cradle on Sweet Dreams (NNA Tapes) $ Buy
  12. bye by starry cat on starry cat (Self-Released) $ Buy
  13. Dazed by Bleached on Francis (Post Present Medium) $ Buy
  14. Dreaming by Say Sue Me on It's Just A Short Walk! (Damnably) $ Buy
  15. Cab Deg by Good Morning on Glory (Solitaire) $ Buy
  16. So Busted by Culture Abuse on So Busted (Epitaph) $ Buy
  17. Cease and Desist by Mike Krol on Trust Fund (Counter Counter Culture) $ Buy
  18. manhattan by small dad on i would never do that (Self-Released) $ Buy
  19. Beef Jerky by Cibo Matto on Viva! La Woman (Rhino Entertainment Co.) $ Buy
  20. Relaxed Lizard by Soft Hair on Soft Hair (Weird World ) $ Buy
  21. Ethan Cantil-Voorhees + Mackenzie Nicholson by Kelsey Styles on C00L WORLD (-) $ Buy
  22. Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack on Mezzanine (Circa) $ Buy
  23. My Friends and I by GRiZ, ProbCause on Good Will Prevail (All Good Records) $ Buy
  24. We Should Hang Out (Remix) by Con Bro Chill on Good Will Prevail (Self-Released) $ Buy
  25. Make Me Feel by Janelle Monáe on Dirty Computer (Bad Boy Records LLC) $ Buy