Tuff Signals - Episode 61

In which Jess eats a bug!


  1. Like A Version by Never Young on EP (Father / Daughter Records (March 10, 2015))
  2. Break
  3. Rip Tide by Endless Bummer on Volume One (In The Red Recordings)
  4. What's Inside Your Heart by Ty Segall Band on Live In San Francisco (CastleFace Records)
  5. Soda Pop by O Presidente on Crazy Swells (Self Released)
  6. The Application by Sonny & The Sunsets on Talent Night At The Ashram (Polyvinyl)
  7. Lena by Pinebocks (Limited Fanfare Records)
  8. Twisted by Teenanger on E P L P (Telephone Explosion Records)
  9. Maiden by Hollow Mountain on Hollow Mountain 7 (Tall Pat Records/Grabbing Clouds Records)
  10. Crooked Canyon by Dream Version on Beginners (Self Released)
  11. Spurs by Moonwalks on EP (Self Released)
  12. Bet I'm Late by The Go on Fiesta (Burger Records)
  13. Party At Sunday by Cosmonauts on Oh, You Know (Burger Records)
  14. Bathwater by SLOW HOLLOWS (Self Released)
  15. Z​-​Axis by Pteradon on Pteradon/The New Trust split 7 (Self Released)
  16. Festering Brine by Bad Daddies on Hard Left​/Bad Daddies split 7 (Emotional Responce)
  17. Can I See You Tonight? by The Shanghais on Pretty Mean And Sick Of You (Endless Daze)
  18. Made My Mind Up by Mikal Cronin on MC III (Merge Records)
  19. Meant 4 My Heart by Todayshits on SCRAP BOYS (Self Released)
  20. TURN IT DOWN by SPACE WASTE on SMOAKDALE EP (Dumpster Tapes)
  21. Bad Sign by Prude Boys on Cassingle 1 of 3 (Self Released)
  22. Poison Them by Feelings on Ends Meat (Urinal Cake Records)
  23. LEECHES by TV FREAKS on LEECHES 7 (Hosehead Records)
  25. What You Say by Fire Retarded on Scroggz Manor (Big Neck Records)
  26. Class Historian by Broncho on Just Enough Hip to be Woman (lolipoprecords)
  27. Pay Attention by Colleen Green on I Want to Grow Up (Hardly Art)
  28. Chinatown by Girlpool on Chinatown 7 (Wichita Recordings)
  29. Blacks Bridge by Wild Wild Wets on 14th Floor (Pizza Party Music)
  30. Surprise by The Garden on Surprise 7 (Self Released)
  31. Asteroid by Cotillon on Cotillon (Burger Records)
  32. Talk is Cheap by Swimsuit Addition on Wretched Pinups (Self Released)
  33. Opiate Summer by The Liq's on eye2eye EP (Self Released)
  34. Gutter Trash Baby by Perfume on Gutter Trash Baby (Maximum Pelt)
  35. All the Stars by Demolition Doll Rods on On (Swami Records)
  36. Drive Me Mad by Blizzard Babies on Early Stuff (Self Released)
  37. Shakin' by Blair Alise & the Bombshells on For My Darlin' (Self Released)
  38. I Want Your Number by The Yolks on Kings of Awesome (Randy Records)