Night of the Fire and Body Dismemberment - January 28th, 2015

New music.


  1. Asteroid by Cotillon on Cotillon (Burger Records)
  2. Circles by Ty Segall on Mr. Face (Castle Face)
  3. Beyond Death by CCR Headcleaner on Lace The Earth With Arms Wide Open (Pizza Burglar Records)
  4. Couldn't Escape by Tiaras on Tiaras (Mt. St. Mt.)
  5. My Car Drives Fast by Dancer on My Car Drives Fast 7" EP (Guitars and Bongos)
  6. Space Camel by Heavy Action on Heavy Action
  7. Landslide by SCRAPER on SCRAPER LP
  8. Chill Spot by Gap Dream on Shine Your Light (Burger Records)
  9. 3 by Dissolve on Dissolve
  10. Soak Up the City by Sugar Candy Mountain on Mystic Hits (Sugar Candy Mountain)
  11. Live & Die by Face The Rail on Learning To Die LP (Katorga Works)
  12. Song for M.P by Stalls on Death Records Compilation Volume One (Death Records)
  13. Pales In Comparison by MALL WALK on S/T Cassette EP
  14. With A Heart So Cold by Todayshits on Death Records Compilation Volume One (Death Records)
  15. Flowers On The Run by Teenage Chain on Death Records Compilation (Death Records)
  16. Get Well by nothing on Guilty of Everything (Relapse Records)
  17. Dr. Zero by Brasil on Brasil
  18. Heavenly Bodies by Once and Future Band on Brain EP (Mouth Magazine Records)
  19. Fall of Seraphs by Mayhem on Wolf's Lair Abyss EP (Misanthropy Records)
  20. Open the Abscess by Exhumed on Gore Metal - A Necrospective (Relapse Records)
  21. Atherton by Ancient Wing on Ancient Wing
  22. Clean Skin by Culture Abuse on The Day Dreams of Nothing
  23. Ton of Bricks by Happy Fangs on Capricorn (Self Released)
  24. Dreams of Teeth by Cardinal Wyrm on Black Hole Gods
  25. Veil of the Phoenix by Glaciers on Mirrored Through the Ancients