The Revolution Summer 068


  1. The Phrase That Pays by The Academy Is... on Almost Here (Fueled By Ramen)
  2. The Letter by Acceptance on Phantoms (Colombia)
  3. Hand Me Down by Life In Braille on New York City Ending (Self Released)
  4. Choir Sings The Cure by Lifted Bells on Minor Tantrums (Run For Cover)
  5. Look To The Stars by Spitalfield on Capture The Moment (Self Released)
  6. Applebee's Bar by Spraynard on Mable (Jade Tree)
  7. Skyway Avenue by We The Kings on We The Kings (S-Curve)
  8. Greatest Hits Collection by The Weakerthans on Fallow (Sub City)
  9. Ask My Flashlight by Weatherbox on The Cosmic Drama (Dog House)
  10. Fundamentalist by Viva Death on Viva Death (Vagrant)
  11. A Different Shade Of Blue Turned Greyscale by Victor! Fix The Sun on Retractable Claws (Friction)
  12. Body by Shoulder on Shoulder (Conquer The World)
  13. Watermark High by Elliott on Songs In A Transit World (Simba)
  14. You Weren't Ready Yet. Your Ears Could Hear, But Not Your Heart. by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) on You Weren't Ready Yet. Your Ears Could Hear, But Not Your Heart. (Time As A Color)
  15. So Cold I Could See My Breath by Emery on the Question (Tooth & Nail)
  16. If I Wanted To Hear The Beat Of Your Heart I Would Rip It Out And Stick It Next To My Ear by Kodan Armada on Ohio Killed The Grey Ghost (Self Released)
  17. Andria by La Dispute on Somewhere at The Bottom of The River Between Vega and Altair (No Sleep)
  18. Little Folded Fingers by Listener on Being Empty:Being Filled (Self Released)
  19. Another Mistake by Lo Tom on Lo Tom (Barsuk)
  20. Cotton Tongues by Looming on Nailbiter (No Sleep)
  21. Tisbury Lane by Mae on Destination:B-Sides (Tooth & Nail)
  22. Vague by The Secret Stars on TSS (Shrimper)
  23. Family Crest by Signals Midwest on Latitudes and Longitudes (Tiny Engines)
  24. (Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern by Something Corporate on Audioboxer (Drive Thru)
  25. Devil In Jersey City by Coheed & Cambria on The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Equal Vision)
  26. Hand Grenade by The Movielife on Has A Gambling A Problem (Drive Thru)
  27. Pump Fake by Snowing on Scherbatsky/Pump Fake (Square of Opposition)
  28. Third Semester by Tokyo Rose on Unknown (Unknown)
  29. Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run on Straylight Run (Victory)