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  1. Nobody by Mitski on Nobody (u/k)
  2. Is it Cold in The Water? by Sophie on Oil of Every Pearl's Un-sides (u/k)
  3. Kids See Ghosts by Kids See Ghosts, Yasiin Bey on Kids See Ghosts (unknown)
  4. Falling into Me by Let's Eat Grandma on Falling into Me (unknown)
  5. Returning by Paul White on Returning (bar none records)
  6. Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All by Father John Misty on Disappointing Diamonds are the Rarest of Them All (Sub Pop)
  7. The Eye by Empath on Liberating Guilt and Fear (Get Better Records)
  8. For You Too by Yo La Tengo on For You Too (Matador)
  9. I Never Dream by Against All Logic on 2012-2017 (unknown)
  10. About You by G Flip on About You (u/k)
  11. Lemon Glow by Beach House on Lemon Glow (Sub Pop)
  12. Confirmation by Westerman on Confirmation (Blue Flowers Music)
  13. Galapagos by Yuno on Moodie (Sub Pop)
  14. Galapagos by Yuno on Moodie (Sub Pop)
  15. Cherubim by serpentwithfeet on cherumbin (sub pop)
  16. Allocate by damien jurado on allocate (sub pop)
  17. Make it Real by Suuns on Make it Real (Secretly Canadian)
  18. Day Old Death-DJ Python Edit by Makeness Dj Python on Day Old Death (Secretly Canadian)
  19. Game Winner by Joey Dosik on Game Winner (unknown)
  20. Politics of Love by Alex Cameron on Forced Witness (Secretly Canadian)
  21. Spring by Luluc on Passerby (Sub Pop)
  22. My Dreams Never Sleep by Knife Knights on shabazz (Sub pop)
  23. Goodbye Moonmen by Rick and Morty on The Living Tombstone (UNKNOWN)
  24. Taste by Forth Wanderers on Forth Wanderers (Sub Pop)
  25. Bring Her the Mirror by Shannon Shaw on Shannon in Nashville (Easy Eye Sound)
  26. Jeannie Becomes a Mom by Caroline Rose on Loner (New Wesy)