The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #129

long form computer music manipulations! 


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  1. u4k by Aclds on ['b7nb95c (Visit $ Buy
  2. Good Morning Blackleg by Object Agency on Abaa Cove (Visit $ Buy
  3. backwards by ehh hahah on kaseta (Visit $ Buy
  4. PTS PZZDRN by NYZ on RLD GLD ET AL (Visit $ Buy
  5. A1 by Empathic Window on Hybridized Niagara (Visit $ Buy
  6. Phaelonacid 4 (Slow) by Roy Of The Ravers on Who Are Ya?? (Visit $ Buy
  7. 606 Tales For 606 Nights (S Olbricht Remix) by Wedding Acid Group on Newpestian Adventures Remixes (Visit $ Buy
  8. Late 2000's Meme by Kindohm on Starter Pack Meme (Visit $ Buy
  9. Quit Living On Dreams by Drvg Cvltvre on CODE127 (Visit $ Buy
  10. north spiral by AUTECHRE on NTS Session 1 (Warp) $ Buy
  11. The Boombox Affair by Paranoid London on The Boombox Affair (-) $ Buy
  12. One On One by Dust-e-1 on The Lost Dustplates EP (Visit $ Buy
  13. Basic Dreamscape (Industrial Version) by Gottlieb McEvoy on CODE101 (Visit $ Buy