Musician/producer/dj Izzy Wise talks about his releases and collabs, Momos Cheeskos talks about her work with SF music community and her birthday event on 8/22 at Monroe


  1. Dragonfruit by Izzy Wise
  2. Sing us some rain feat. LaKata by Izzy Wise
  3. Records In The Sun by Izzy Wise on Records In The Sun (Mule Musique)
  4. Barbary Fig by Izzy Wise on Records In The Sun (Mule Musique)
  5. El Oro de la Tolita (feat. Taribo) by Thornato
  6. Shu Swamp (feat. Izzy Wise) by Thornado on Bennu (Wonderwheel)
  7. Enter the Esperanto by Captain Planet on Esperanto Slang (Bastard Jazz)
  8. Izzy Come, Izzy Go by The Funk Revolution on The Funk Revolution (Tramp)
  9. in-studio live DJ mix by Izzy Wise
  10. Fly Me To The Moon by Bobby Womack
  11. I Live To Make You Smile by Jamie Lidell
  12. Small Talk at 125th & Lenox by Gil Scott-Heron