1. Don't Let Go by Jeff Lynne on Armchair Theatre (Daft As A Brush)
  2. Break
  3. A Life Of Illusion by Joe Walsh on There Goes The Neighborhood (Elektra)
  4. Down South by Tom Petty on Highway Companion (Warner)
  5. Inner Space by Athanor on Flashback (Greg Herriges/Rick Vittenson)
  6. Fazon by Sopwith Camel on The Miraculous Hump Returns From the Moon (Reprise Records)
  7. Shikako Maru Ten by Can on Shikako Maru Ten (Spoon)
  8. Sway When You Walk by Flo & Eddie on Moving Targets (Sony)
  9. Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold by Jeff Cowell on Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold (Numero Group)
  10. Cherrystones by Eugene McDaniels on Outlaw (Atlantic)
  11. (Not) A Penny In My Pocket by Jimmy Campbell on Troubadour (The Viper Label)
  12. Goin' Back South by C.W. Stoneking on Gon' Boogaloo (C.W. Stoneking)
  13. Country Boy by Fred Neil on Bleecker And McDougal (Elektra)
  14. High Time by Zachary Richard on Mardi Gras (Zach Rich Inc.)
  15. Pow Wow by Grace Tennessee, The American Spirits on Rockin' Days in Shreveport, Louisiana (Ram)
  16. Somebody Loan Me A Dime by Fenton Robinson on Somebody Loan Me A Dime (Alligator Records)
  17. Angola Penitentiary Blues by Robert Pete Williams on The Sonet Blues Story (Universal)
  18. Scratch My Back by Slim Harpo on Best Of Slim Harpo (Universal)
  19. I Been Hoodood by Dr. John on In The Right Place (Atlantic)
  20. Boogie In The Mud by Danny James on Louisiana Swamp Boogie & Blues VOL 1 (Goldband Records)
  21. Big Mouth USA by Jim Ford on The Unissued Capitol Album (Capitol)
  22. Po' Boy by Herman E. Johnson on Louisiana Country Blues (Arhoolie Productions Inc.)
  23. California On My Mind by Tony Joe White on Homemade Ice-Cream (Warner)
  24. The Same Thing by Louisiana Red on Louisiana Red Sings The Blues (Atlantic)
  25. In The Same Old Way by Tommy Ridgley on Essential Louisiana R&B (Fuel 2000)
  26. Rockin' Pneumonia by Huey "Piano" Smith on Rockin' Pneumonia (Fuel)
  27. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) by Fats Domino on The Fats Domino Jukebox (Capitol)
  28. Reconsider Me by Margaret Lewis on Rockin' Days in Shreveport, Louisiana (Ram)
  29. House Of The Rising Sun by Jay Randall and The Epics on Vintage Louisiana Rock & Roll (Mardi Gras)
  30. Hard Luck by Billy Blank on unknown (Dave Travis)
  31. Uh-Huh-Huh by Jeff Daniels on unknown (Dave Travis)
  32. Can't Go Back Home by Clay Parker on Any Old Time (Clay Parker)
  33. Girl In The Street by Vincent Williams on Rockin' Days in Shreveport, Louisiana (Ram)
  34. Preacher's Daughter by Bobby Charles on Essential Louisiana R&B (Fuel)
  35. Wherever You Are by Linda Brannon on Rockin' Days in Shreveport, Louisiana (Ram)
  36. Cindy Lou by Gene Terry And The Down Beats on Louisiana Rockers (Ace)
  37. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day by Maxine Thomas on Roots: The Rock and Roll Sound of Louisiana and Mississippi (Folkway)