A Thick Mist (September 3, 2018)

This episode is packed full of the good stuff. There's a new Kyle Bobby Dunn piece (played alongside weird birds), some classic Joseph Spence, some ladies talking about flowers, 1970s Italian minimalism, Lychgate's bizarre prog, gospel with synthy lazers, and all sorts of other cool shit.


  1. Slow by Bongripper on Terminal (Great Barrier)
  2. He Has A Way by Richard Allen Farmer on Leave Tomorrow To The Father (RPC)
  3. Salve Regina / Glenmore by Kyle Bobby Dunn on Thesis Track/Print 04 (Thesis Project)
  4. Salve Regina / Glenmore by Virginia Belmont on Virginia Belmont’s Famous Singing & Talking Birds (Virginia Belmont Enterprises)
  5. Sincronie Part 1 by Juri Camisasca on Evoluzione Interiore (Black Sweat / Fratto9 Under The Sky)
  6. Beverly Ann, Greta Thyssen, Tatiana McKenna interviewed by Bill Bertenshaw by n/a on The Subject Is Flowers (Florists Transworld Delivery / Radio & TV Roundup Productions)
  7. The Contagion by Lychgate on The Contagion In Nine Steps (Blood Music)
  8. I'm Going To Live That Life by Joseph Spence on Bahaman Folk Guitar - Music Of The Bahamas - Volume One (Folkways)
  9. Temples Of Dust by Deathstench on Deathstench / Trepaneringsritualen split (Malignant)
  10. Sternal Sky by Ned Milligan on Nature Always Needs Improving (Florabelle)
  11. Break
  12. Side B by Mrs. Marguerite Oswald on The Oswald Case: Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Reads Lee Harvey Oswald's Letters From Russia (Broadside)
  13. For I Am The Light (And Mine Is The Only Way) / Holy Is The Name (Of My Ruthless Axe) by Lingua Ignota on All Bitches Die (Profound Lore)