Take It All Away


  1. ill be ur (memory) by w. baer on daed dne (Hush Hush Records)
  2. Escape by Ouri (Ghostly International & Make It Rain Records)
  3. US by NAVVI on ULTRA (Hush Hush Records)
  4. Silver by Somni on Bloom (Friends of Friends)
  5. Sampaguita by NAVVI on ULTRA (Hush Hush Records)
  6. B There 2 Hold U by Blackbird Blackbird
  7. Clad In Skin by Trevor Powers on Mulberry Violence (Baby Halo)
  8. Forgive feat. Washed Out by Roosevelt on Young Romance (Greco-Roman / City Slang)
  9. Bunny's Dream by Matthew Dear on Bunny (Ghostly International)
  10. Livin' Loose by George Clanton on Slide (100% Electronica)
  11. Slide by George Clanton on Slide (100% Electronica)
  12. Licking An Orchid (feat. James K) by Yves Tumor (Warp)
  13. Lusting For A Living (feat. Gilli.jpg) by Star Slinger on First Love Music
  14. Take It All Away by Crooked Man on Crooked House (DFA Records)
  15. Slot Machine by Rabbithole
  16. Well, It's Paape by Jürgen Paape on Kompakt: Total 18 (Kompakt)
  17. Tame feat. Beesh by Sonns on Kompakt: Total 18 (Kompakt)
  18. Left Eye Left by Kölsch on Kompakt: Total 18 (Kompakt)
  19. Gondolier by Geotic on Traversa (Ghostly International)
  20. So Right by Marie Davidson on Working Class Women (Ninja Tune)
  21. TRAVI$ TOOL by Baltra
  22. Fight Club by Shigeto on Weighted EP (Ghostly International)
  23. Be My Organ by Beacon on Gravity Pairs (Ghostly International)
  24. Signale by Lebsanft, George Raquet on Kompakt: Total 18 (Kompakt)