cheetle radio 8.31.18... psychic solo sleeper


  1. love fingers by silver appples on silver apples (Enraptured)
  2. rollo riff by guru guru on Rotate! (trance music)
  3. earthbeat (7" version) by the slits on return of the giant slits (CBS)
  4. (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess by Ultimate Spinach on Ultimate Spinach (Iris Group)
  5. Forge Your Own Chains by D. R. Hooker on The Truth (Subliminal Sounds)
  6. time machine by mugstar on magnetic seasons (rock action)
  7. sugar hill by white hills on stop mute defeat (thrill jockey)
  8. the blood that runs the border by the myrrors on borderlands (beyond beyond is beyond)
  9. eternal returns by carlton melton on mind minerals (Agitated Records)
  10. space curse by lumerians on call of the void (fuzz club)
  11. ignorance makes me high by pontiak on Dialectic of Ignorance (thrill jockey)
  12. Assàwt by Tinariwen on Elwan (ANTI)
  13. Santaria by The Black Ryder on The Door Behind The Door (The Anti-Machine Machine)
  14. bop bop boo by singapore sling on kill kill kill (songs about nothing) (fuzz club)
  15. I_O by disappears on irreal (kranky)
  16. R.I.P.S.F. by Blue Minute on A Blue Minute (freaks)
  17. mother hen by audiobooks on Now! (in a minute) (heavenly recordings)
  18. dazzling rays by RMFTM & 10​​,​​000 Russos on RMFTM & 10​​,​​000 Russos (fuzz club)
  19. Half Believing by The Black Angels on Death Song (Partisan)
  20. Trois Bancs by The Limiñanas on Shadow People (Because Music)
  21. modern model by sonic jesus on grace (fuzz club)