cheetle radio 8.31.18... psychic solo sleeper


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  1. love fingers by silver appples on silver apples (Enraptured ) $ Buy
  2. rollo riff by guru guru on Rotate! (trance music) $ Buy
  3. earthbeat (7" version) by the slits on return of the giant slits (CBS) $ Buy
  4. (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess by Ultimate Spinach on Ultimate Spinach (Iris Group) $ Buy
  5. Forge Your Own Chains by D. R. Hooker on The Truth (Subliminal Sounds) $ Buy
  6. time machine by mugstar on magnetic seasons (rock action) $ Buy
  7. sugar hill by white hills on stop mute defeat (thrill jockey) $ Buy
  8. the blood that runs the border by the myrrors on borderlands (beyond beyond is beyond) $ Buy
  9. eternal returns by carlton melton on mind minerals (Agitated Records) $ Buy
  10. space curse by lumerians on call of the void (fuzz club) $ Buy
  11. ignorance makes me high by pontiak on Dialectic of Ignorance (thrill jockey) $ Buy
  12. Assàwt by Tinariwen on Elwan (ANTI) $ Buy
  13. Santaria by The Black Ryder on The Door Behind The Door (The Anti-Machine Machine) $ Buy
  14. bop bop boo by singapore sling on kill kill kill (songs about nothing) (fuzz club) $ Buy
  15. I_O by disappears on irreal (kranky) $ Buy
  16. R.I.P.S.F. by Blue Minute on A Blue Minute (freaks) $ Buy
  17. mother hen by audiobooks on Now! (in a minute) (heavenly recordings) $ Buy
  18. dazzling rays by RMFTM & 10​​,​​000 Russos on RMFTM & 10​​,​​000 Russos (fuzz club) $ Buy
  19. Half Believing by The Black Angels on Death Song (Partisan ) $ Buy
  20. Trois Bancs by The Limiñanas on Shadow People (Because Music) $ Buy
  21. modern model by sonic jesus on grace (fuzz club) $ Buy