1. Woodlawn by mmph on Serenade EP (Tri Angle)
  2. Axolotl by doon kanda on Heart EP (Hyperdub)
  3. Lifetime by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands Of Love (Warp)
  4. Come See by Belong on Common Era (Kranky)
  5. Meditation by Arca on Stretch 2 (UNO NYC)
  6. Shot Gun Shack by Neneh Cherry on Broken Politics (Smalltown Supersound)
  7. дуб OAK by Kate NV on для FOR (RVNG Intl.)
  8. Rhizome by Drew McDowall on The Third Helix (Dais Records)
  9. Temple Dub by Jay Glass Dubs on Plegnic (Ecstatic)
  10. Economy Of Freedom (feat. Croatian Amor) by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands Of Love (Warp)
  11. Ai Paint by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk_Ltd.)
  12. Opaque Ke by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave (Timesig)
  13. Greaves of Sleep / Bidders Patch (Premonition) by Celyn June on Portion Park (W - I)
  14. Possessed by Rabit on Les Fleurs Du Mal (Halcyon Veil)
  15. Overcome Isolation by Debit on Love Discipline (Quiet Time)
  16. Bird In Hand by Less Bells on Solifuge (Kranky)
  17. Afterglow by Yamaneko on Afterglow (Local Action Records)
  18. Prelude to Goddess by Heather Leigh on Throne (Editions Mego)
  19. Heat 1 by Shinichi Atobe on Heat (DDS)
  20. Alice Lake by North Americans on Going Steady (Driftless)
  21. Clusters by Carla Dal Forno on The Garden (Blackest Ever Black)
  22. Painter of Tygers by Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore on Ghost Forests (Three Lobed Recordings)
  23. Nahbarkeit by Laurel Halo on Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency)
  24. Helix (Edit) by Kelly Moran on Ultraviolet (Warp)
  25. Selva Oscura (Edit) by William Basinski + Lawrence English on Selva Oscura (Temporary Residence Ltd.)