cheetle radio 9.7.18...cute fangs 2.0

hello, cheetle!

britt is in europe. amber is at summer camp for freaks. you are listening to rock'n'roll magic that originally aired july 7, 2017! yummmmmmy. 


the cheetles


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  1. corazon by mystic braves on midtown island recordings (burger) $ Buy
  2. sunday morning by night beats on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly) $ Buy
  3. postcard radio by FROTH on bleak (Burger Records) $ Buy
  4. Stand Inside by Kurt Vile on B'lieve I'm Going Down... (Matador) $ Buy
  5. Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) by allah las (-) $ Buy
  6. Spectator by cool ghouls on Animal Races (Empty Cellar Records) $ Buy
  7. Long Division (Fugazi cover) by Suuns on single (-) $ Buy
  8. Je T'aime Moi Non Plus by The Traces on Thai Beat A Go-Go (Subliminal SOunds) $ Buy
  9. its time for fun by goat (-) $ Buy
  10. let the daddy hold you by otis blackwell (-) $ Buy
  11. Clue by Tim Presley on The WiNK (Drag City) $ Buy
  12. no woman by whitney (-) $ Buy
  13. windows by sugar candy mountain on 666 (-) $ Buy
  14. let me be your pet by eeeks on pet city (gnar tapes) $ Buy
  15. hypnagogia by bAd bAd on LP (s-s re) $ Buy
  16. Broken Racehorse by The Blind Shake on Celebrate Your Worth (Goner Records) $ Buy
  17. Minnesota by The Courtneys on minnesota (flying nun records) $ Buy
  18. sour by boys age on calm time (burger) $ Buy
  19. colors of the pines by violent change on vc3 (melters) $ Buy
  20. tell me the name of that flower by sundays & cybele on Chaos & Systems (beyond beyond is beyond) $ Buy
  21. lost in light by mood duo on Occult Architecture Vol. 2 (sacred bones) $ Buy