C00L WORLD - 012 - Theo Schear

Kelsey Styles sits down on location at Artist's Television Access with the esteemed film critic and artist, Theo Schear, to discuss film as art, his portrait series Carpe 3Diem,and how he became a master of dance within Theo's Amazing Dance Tutorials.

For more information on Theo, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theo_Schear

Carpe 3Diem

Theo's Amazing Dance Tutorials

Film Threat


  1. Hit and Run by Sweet Valley on Eternal Champ II (Ghost Ramp)
  2. Nite Time by Drinking Flowers on PTDF7 (Volar Records)
  3. The Loneliest Girl by Princess Chelsea on The Loneliest Girl (Lil' Chief Records)
  4. Off My Rock by Rinse & Repeat on Fig. 3 (Disinfector Records)
  5. Mystery by Fabiana Palladino on Mystery (Paul Institute)
  6. Double World by The Wytches on Double World (Heavenly Recordings)
  7. Where Lies My Tarp? by The Microphones on The Glow pt. 2 (Other Songs & Destroyed Versions) (K)
  8. Angel by Yowler on Angel (Double Double Whammy)
  9. Takes So Much by Waxahatchee on Great Thunder (Merge Records)
  10. Seven by Men I Trust on Seven (Independent)
  11. Disco by Colleen Green on Casey's Tape / Harmontown Loops (Infinity Cat Records)
  12. Athoth a Go!! Go!! by Machine Girl on ...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything (Orange Milk Records)
  13. HEAD by Cities Aviv on Come to Life (Young One Records)
  14. Nice Girl by Ashnikko on Nice Girl (Digital Picnic Records)
  15. Japanese Candy by Brutus VIII on Japanese Candy (Danger Collective)
  16. Separation Anxiety by Eyedress on Manilla Ice (Lex Records LTD)
  17. Theo Schear by Kelsey Styles on C00L WORLD
  18. Across the Loch by Breathe Owl Breathe on Magic Central (Self-Released)
  19. They Start the Dance by Spelling on Pantheon of Me (Cherry Horse)
  20. Dreamer by Gabriel Wilk on Birthday (946397 Records DK)
  21. Summer by The Jacka on Tear Gas (SMC Entertainment)
  22. One.Thirty.Seven by Great Time on Great Album (Great Time Studios)