1. Benga Benga Part 1 by Ajukaja
  2. San Francisco Night (Instrumental) by Chris Duchatschek on San Francisco Night (7")
  3. Love For The Sake Of Love by Claudja Barry on Boogie Palace
  4. Samedi Soir by Drums Music Show on Sexi Banana (7
  5. Tin Top (part 1) by Kenny Mann Jr & Liquid Pleasure Band
  6. Brotherson (Instrumental) by Ojeda Penn on Happiness
  7. Break
  8. Proviamo A Vivere by Antonella Lualdi on Si, Però...
  9. Radio Cosmo 101 (Charles Bals Edit) by The One on Radio Cosmo Disco (7
  10. Use My Body by Mavis John on Tropical Disco Hustle
  11. Agora É Moda by Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti
  12. Cosmic Island Disco by Cosmic Island Disco on Cosmic Island Disco
  13. A Beat For You by Glen Adams
  14. Three Way Situation by Nadie La Fonde on Three Way Situation (Starburst Records)
  15. 85 Degree by Maika Music (Taxi)
  16. Come on Home by The Lijadu Sisters on Horizon Unlimited (Knitting Factory)