BRVS #59 with Tony Bedard of Hemlock Tavern


  1. side A untitled by Deerhoof (Menlo Park)
  2. Paranoid Video by Total Control (Smart Guy Records)
  3. Untiltled by Mayyors (NA)
  4. Give It Up by Tyvek (In The Red)
  5. Smell The Glow by Buck Biloxi and the Fucks on Streets of Rage (HoZac)
  6. Streets of Rage by Buck Biloxi and the Fucks on Streets of Rage (HoZac)
  7. Lola Langusta by Cheveu (Rob's House Records)
  8. Ft. Wayne Mermaids by Honey Radar on Blank Cartoon (What's Yr Rupture?)
  9. Interzone by Bassholes (Seldom Scene Records)
  10. Pearl by Flatworms on Flat Worms (ST) (Castle Face)
  11. California is Falling into the Ocean by 100 Flowers on 100 Flowers (Superior Viaduct)
  12. Red Rockabilly by Guitarwolf (Bag of Hammers)
  13. ?! by Bodega on Endless Scroll (PYR Records)
  14. Silent by Radioactivity (Alien Snatch Records)
  15. Acting Strange by Blank Realm on Go Easy (Silt Breeze)
  16. 116 by Kitchen's Floor on Look Forward to Nothing (Siltbreeze)
  17. Thought by Feedtime on Gas (In the Red)
  18. Rising Height by Grouper on Split 7" w/ Pumice (na)
  19. Virginia Dare by Scratch on Six Songs (Nuff Sed)
  20. Scorpio by Dutchess and the Duke (HoZac)
  21. Don't Lie by The Mantles on self titled (Siltbreeze)
  22. Crooked Head by Fucked Up on The Chemistry of Common Life (Matador Records)
  23. Nothing People by In the City on Anonymous (SS Records)
  24. I Started A Joke by Neil Hamburger (na)