1.21 gigawatts - 2018 Episode 100

Our last ever show!

Thanks Mylene for getting the show on the air. Amanda & Forrest for keeping bff.fm on the air. Ben Ward of Eclectic kettle for having me on as a guest and getting me into this whole radio thing. And last but definitely not least, all the guest hosts that put their time and musical brains into making this a lot more fun for both me and the listener.


  1. Dreaming Another Life by Alexis Taylor on Beautiful Thing (Domino)
  2. Flower of the Universe (No I.D. Remix) by Sade on A Wrinkle in Time (Sony)
  3. Sway Daisy by Little Dragon on Sway Daisy (Loma Vista Recordings)
  4. Mitt i natten by Familjen on Kom (Karlssons musikkontor)
  5. Take it all by Helena Deland on Take it all (Luminelle Recordings)
  6. Dark Oscillations by Loma on Loma (Sub Pop)
  7. Drunk in LA by Beach House on 7 (Sub pop)
  8. Believe by Amen Dunes on Believe (Sacred Bones Records)
  9. Sculptor by Luluc on Sculptor (Sub pop)
  10. Mice by Billie Marten on Mice (Sony music)
  11. Thanks 4 Nothing by Nilüfer Yanya on Thanks 4 Nothing (Blue Flowers/ATO Records)
  12. Jesse by Frankie Cosmos on Jesse (Sub pop)
  13. Att ligga på sitt golv by Rådjuret on Rådjuret (Luxury)