The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ ManifestiV, Rosegarden Funeral Party & Textbeak (Cleveland) 10/2/18


  1. God Is A Martian by ManifestiV
  2. Monitor by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Juju
  3. EGYPTYNLVR by oOoOO on NoSummr4u
  4. Cantique II by Die Form on Rose au Cœur Violet
  5. Cuts You Up by ManifestiV & Rosegarden Funeral Party
  6. Another Dead Soul by Rosegarden Funeral Party on Martyr
  7. Bicep by Trust
  8. Dirt by Pink Turns Blue on The AERDT - Untold Stories
  9. Change Your Mind by Sharpe & Numan on Automatic
  10. Ritual by She Past Away on Belirdi Gece
  11. Drummer Dust by ManifestiV
  12. Just Wait by ManifestiV on Syncopate EP
  13. Pearls 2 Swine by 3Teeth on 3Teeth
  14. Pin Your Head To The Drywall by Nation Of Teflon Souls
  15. Soft Paranoia by Textbeak on Sick For Song A Season Eats