Van Jams Falls into Fall


  1. Frozen Jap by Paul McCartney on McCartney 11 (u/k)
  2. Every 1's a Winner by Ty Segall on Freedom's Goblin (u/k)
  3. Perfume by Wand on Perfume (Drag City Records)
  4. My Love for You by ESG on Come Away with ESG (u/k)
  5. Trees by Follakzoid on II (u/k)
  6. San' Yago by Cave on San' Yago (u/k)
  7. If You See Me by Sink Ya Teeth on If you See Me (Partisan Records)
  8. Miami by baxter dury, parrot and cocker too on don't know (don't know)
  9. S.I.A. by GUM on The Underdog (u/k)
  10. Everybody's Coming to my House by Dvid Byrne on American Utopia (Todomundo)
  11. different characters by Fishmans on different characters (tough to know)
  12. Just for A Minute by The Sha La Das on Love in the Wind (Dunham)
  13. Earthbeat by The Slits on Return of the Giant Slits (u/k)
  14. Crazy Rhythms by The Feelies on Crazy Rhythms (Bar/None Records)
  15. The Leanover by Life without Buildings on Any Other City (Roughtrade)
  16. Livin It Up by SEan Nicholas Savage on Yummycoma (ARBUTUS)
  17. MODERN TV by The cleaners from Venus on Blow away your troubles (parlaphone)
  18. Make 1,2 by Arthur Russell on Calling out of Context (audika)