The Revolution Summer 076


  1. An Animal by Owen on Ghost Town (Polyvinyl)
  2. Frankie Muniz by Charmer on Best Worst Birthday Ever (Self Released)
  3. Sad One by Camber on Anyway, I've Been There (Deep Elm)
  4. Jeni Leigh by End Of A Year on You Are Beneath Me (Deathwish)
  5. Stained Glass Ceilings by The Wonder Years on No Closer To Heaven (Hopeless)
  6. Half Of Ninety by Pop Unknown on If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra (Deep Elm)
  7. Days Past by I Wish I on Drop In Standing (Ambassador)
  8. Left Foot Right Foot by The Junior Varsity on The Great Compromise (Victory)
  9. In My Eyes by Rufio on Hello, We Are The Militia Group (The Militia Group)
  10. Take The Fall by The Get Up Kids on Guilt Show Demos (Self Released)
  11. Rooftops And Invitations by Dashboard Confessional on Dusk And Summer (Vagrant)
  12. Heartbreak by Vanilla on Vanilla | There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Purepainsugar)
  13. Into Twilight by Welcome The Plague Year on Welcome The Plague Year (Electric Human Project)
  14. It's Still Fucking Personal by Republic Of Dreams on Republic Of Dreams | Beau Navire (Moment Of Collapse)
  15. Come Right Out And Say It by Relient K on Five Score And Seven Years Ago (Gotee)
  16. Bicycles In Sleep Cycles by A Great Big Pile Of Leaves on Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? (Sinking Ship)
  17. Happy To Be Here by Julien Baker on Turn Out The Lights (Matador)
  18. Bring It On Home by Spy Versus Spy on Spy Versus Spy (Gravity Dip)
  19. Hot 97 Summer Jam by Chumped on Teenage Retirement (Anchorless Records)
  20. Resolution by Motion City Soundtrack on Commit This To Memory (Epitaph)
  21. End Of The World by Seahaven on Winter Forever (Run For Cover)
  22. Beginner Swimmer by Rain Still Falls on The Emo Diaries Chapter One: What's Mine Is Yours (Deep Elm Records)
  23. A Ghost by Onelinedrawing on The Volunteers (Jade Tree)
  24. The Future Is Now by Spitalfield on Stop Doing Bad Things (Victory)
  25. This Song Used To Be About You by Kississippi on We Have No Future, We're All Doomed (Soft Speak)
  26. Wrongdoer by This Routine Is Hell on Howl (Cobra)
  27. Call It Sane by Faraquet on The Whole Thing Over / Call It Sane (DeSoto)
  28. Do You Hear Me Asking? by Sleeping For Sunrise on Skyline Symmetry (Playing Field)
  29. Rubber And Glue by Cave In on Antenna (RCA)
  30. Prepair/Repair by Hot Cross on Fair Trades And Farewells (Level Plane)
  31. Krystalline by Alkaline Trio on Is This Thing Cursed? (Epitaph)