The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #136

the glitchiest new computer hits around!


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  1. Σ-1g-M4 (Mnim Mix) by Georgie McVicar on Failure to Meet Repayments Could Result in One (or more) of the Following Being Actioned Against You (Visit $ Buy
  2. Skateboarding By the River / BPA(S) by Cool and Frank on My Brooklyn Dad Winter Coat (Visit $ Buy
  3. Wabbit Trax 1 by EVOL on Wabbit Trax [DIAG051] (Visit $ Buy
  4. Ability And Needs by Calum Gunn on CODE280 (Visit $ Buy
  5. Opaque Ke by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave (Visit $ Buy
  7. B-02 by AAR on AAR - FirstGrade (Visit $ Buy
  8. Max Date Is Whack by Marshall Applewhite on Destroy the Silence EP (Visit $ Buy
  9. Right Hand by Peverelist on IDLE050 (Idle Hands) $ Buy
  10. Afara by Barac on 9090 (Visit $ Buy
  11. A1. Acid House 4 by Fluxion A/D on Aciid House (Visit $ Buy
  12. Take Me Back by Herbert on Part Four (Visit $ Buy
  13. Hard Barbie by Acid Elf on Wax Jackettes Volume 1 (Visit $ Buy
  14. Marzipan (Left Overs) by Brainwaltzera on Marzipan EP (Visit $ Buy
  15. Smotherbeat (Iroc-Z Mix) by Phoenecia (Visit $ Buy
  16. pack in this series, which consist of 460 mb pure, massive prime-time progressive, electro sounds, combined in 10 construction kits by rkss on DJ Tools (UIQLP001) (UIQ) $ Buy
  17. Desert Acid by Via App on Secret Rotation (-) $ Buy
  18. Acid by Refreshers on How Bout U? (Visit $ Buy
  19. Future Tek by East Man on Stop Flapping Your Gums (Vol.1) (Visit $ Buy
  20. Get Back by W00DY on Relentless Kickdrum (Visit $ Buy
  21. tof by Aclds on T˚/•(G/M (Visit $ Buy
  22. ffs what is with the limes? by Kindohm on CODE218 (Visit $ Buy
  23. Bnn by Peter Maximowitsch on Kan't EP (Visit $ Buy