Oct 6, 2018: Icelandic Music on 'Mai + Charlie'


  1. Party by Glowie (Columbia Records)
  2. Say My Name (feat. Arnór Dan and Ben Frost) by Ólafur Arnalds on single (Erased Tapes)
  3. Photoelectric by Örvar Smárason ft. Sillus on Light is Liquid (Morr Music)
  4. Battle Hymn of the Fox Father by Dad Rocks! on single (IMX)
  5. Erupting Light by Hildur Guðnadóttir (n/a)
  6. A Fire To Sleep In by Sin Fang Bous on Clangour (Morr Music)
  7. Eg Vildi Fegin Vera by Samaris on Silkidrangar (One Little Indian)
  8. Life as a Wall by Jae Tyler on Show and Tell (Week of Wonders)
  9. Breathe by Mr. Silla on Breathe (n/a)
  10. DIOR by HALLELUWAH on Halleluwah (LAX Records)
  11. Random Haiku Generator by Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason on Team Dreams (Morr Music)
  12. Fiesta by Reykjavíkurdætur Ljónynjur on Ljónynjur (n/a)
  13. Dreamers by Soley on Ask the Deep (Morr Music)
  14. Full Circle by CeaseTone on Ceastone (n/a)
  15. Ilsa Drown (ft. Jónsi) by Death Vessel on Island Intervals (SubPop)
  16. Shades by Árstíðir on Tarin (n/a)
  17. Enginn grætur by Uni Stefson on Single (Record Records)
  18. Sing Along by múm on Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know (Morr Music)
  19. Tropical by FM Belfast on How to Make Friends (Record Records)
  20. Treysta Mér by GKR on GKR (Self Released)
  21. In Between by Lára Rúnars on Surprise (Sena)
  22. Hands Remember by Seabear on The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Morr Music)
  23. Thoughts by RuGl on single (Carousel)
  24. Virgin Eyes by Wesen on Wall of Pain (Hidden Trail Records)
  25. Invisible by Milkywhale on Milkywhale (Record Records)
  26. 8 - Stoned to Death by Hermigervill on Single (N/A)