Ep 45: "Really Real"

Episode title comes from the song and album Really Real, by Anna Hillburg.

Photo is of the band Half Stack, playing the Rickshaw Stop this Thursday, and whose new album Quitting Time comes out October 19th on Processional Cross Records.

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  1. Really Real by Anna Hillburg on Really Real
  2. Let it Breathe by Anna Hillburg on Really Real
  3. Power's Out by Michael O on Power's Out (fruits & flowers)
  4. Paperbag by Turqouiz Noiz on Pray fro Rain (Related Records)
  5. Like Water (acoustic version) by New Spell on Of Time, Part II
  6. Yesterday's Faces by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble In Mind Records)
  7. Love is a Stranger by Cold Beat on A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries Records)
  8. Arroyo Burro by Dot Vom on Melatonin EP (textme records)
  9. Become Animal by Flour Flour on Dimension A (Mere Mortals Making Music)
  10. Perfect Shapes by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)
  11. Here Come the Tops by Muñecas on Especial
  12. Brick by Lower Self on Lower Self
  13. Too Young to Die by Banzai Cliff on Hypothetical Love (Tank Beach Tapes)
  14. Psychic Palms by Smokin' Ziggurats on Smokin' Ziggurats
  15. Dually by Half Stack on Quitting Time (Processional Cross)
  16. Hanging Out (and Hanging On) by Half Stack on Quitting Time (Processional Cross)
  17. Another Love by Quinn Deveaux on This Could Be Yours
  18. Lets Talk by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep
  19. High Tone by Marinero on Chican@ (Death Records)
  20. Skin by Wild Powwers
  21. inverse bucle by K'in Sventa on bucles (true indigo)
  22. Mulligan by Small Crimes on Demons (self)
  23. Plastic Tears by Butter Man on 3D Models of Life EP
  24. Entertaining by The Brankas on My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles, I See Opportunities. (SNAFU family)
  25. Keeping a Record by SOAR on dark / gold (Father/Daughter)
  26. Sour Cherries by Kitten Forever on Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)
  27. Chamber for Sleep (Part Two) by Screaming Females on All At Once
  28. Better Luck Next Time by Eve's Peach on Climbing Bittersweet (Self-Released)
  29. Majupose by Kikagaku Moyo on Masana Temples
  30. SW3 by the Dodos
  31. Daggers by Prism Tats on Mamba
  32. Fat, Pregnant, Stoned by Buzzed Lightbeer on Buzzed Lightbeer
  33. Carmen Cortez by Mint on Haunt Your Days
  34. Lila Lullaby by Secret Secret
  35. High Five After the Basketball Game by Turner Capehart on Relapse