still out there

what I like

tonight the menu:


  1. me and bobby mcgee by kris kristofferson on please dont tell me how the story ends (warner)
  2. faith in nothing except salvation by yves tumor on safe in the hands of love (warp)
  3. momo's by connan mockasin on jassbusters (kemado)
  4. from here to eternity by giorgio moroder on from here to eternity (the island of def jam)
  5. holding on by tirzah on devotion (domino recording)
  6. laura by ween on the pod (rounder)
  7. no tears by tuxedo moon on desire (crammed discs)
  8. sexy man by connan mockasin on jassbusters (kemado)
  9. all over you by bob dylan on witmark demos (sony music)
  10. sleeping beauty by sun ra on sleeping beauty (philly records)
  11. janine by planningtorock on W (DFA)
  12. its my party by lesslie gore on I'll cry if i want to (mercury)
  13. gladly by tirzah on devotion (domino )
  14. hello stranger by Julia Holter on loud city song (domino )
  15. tropical cosmic strip by Gina X on nice mover (KG beat)
  16. cherry blossom girl by air on talkie walkie (source)
  17. end of the season by the kinks on something else (sanctuary)
  18. millennial turk by hype williams on the attitude era (hyperdub)
  19. flight of fancy by r stevie moore on swing and a miss (S/T)
  20. softcore mutations by DEVO on hardcore DEVO vol. 4 (boogie boy)
  21. two sisters by the kinks on something else (sanctuary)
  22. high on big sur by mort garson on wozard (I)
  23. aint gonna feel like you by super max on london air craft (universal)
  24. 4 corners by tommy wright the 3rd on ashes 2 ashes (B)