BwGN AM Mixtape #63 – The one for the writing writer, w/ Darcy A.

The theme of this week's mixtape is writing and journalism. It takes its inspiration from guest DJ Mr Darcy. By day she is an MFA Writing student at USF and by very early Friday mornings she is the host of Sunny and Skeptical Air Show. She stops in to talk about her DJ Profile project and to play a set for you. Enjoy!

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  1. The Story Begins by Myrmyr on The Amber Sea (Digitalis)
  2. Blank Page by Smashing Pumpkins on Adore (Virgin)
  3. Recording A Tape… (Typewriter Duet) by Bell Orchestre on Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light (Rough Trade)
  4. May I Be The Light by LUMP on LUMP EP (Dead Oceans)
  5. Light in the Dark by Kacey Johansing on Grand Ghosts (self-released)
  6. Elliott Sharp: Digital (1986) by Kronos Quartet on Short Stories (Elektra/Nonesuch)
  7. Truth Is Boring by Vanishing Twin on Choose Your Own Adventure (Soundway)
  8. Disarray by Low on Double Negative (Sub Pop)
  9. The Page by The Appleseed Cast on Two Conversations (Tiger Style)
  10. What the Writer Meant by Hop Along on Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek)
  11. Magazine by Kaki King on Legs To Make Us Longer (Epic/Velour)
  12. Don't Let The Truth Get To You by Jason Collett on Reckon (Arts & Crafts)
  13. Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac on Rumours (Warner Bros.)
  14. Write What You Know by Stars on Nightsongs (Le Grand Magistery)
  15. Everyone Needs An Editor by Mates Of State on My Solo Project (Omnibus)
  16. Filme moi by Alice et Moi on Alice et Moi (self-released)
  17. Low to the Street by Lord Echo & Lisa Tomlins on Harmonies (Soundway Records)
  18. Synthetic Sunshine by Worn-Tin on Thanatophobia (Synchronized Sound)
  19. Unseen by Souleance & Homecut on La Belle Vie (First Word Records)
  20. Dance Moves by Franc Moody on Dance Moves (Juicebox Recordings)
  21. Apollo I: The Writing Writer by Coheed & Cambria on Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness (Columbia/Equal Vision)
  22. Liberation Frequency by Refused on The Shape Of Punk To Come: A Chimerical Bombation In 12 Bursts (Victory)
  23. Yesterday's News by The Gossip on Movement (Kill Rock Stars)
  24. Born Into A Mess by The (International) Noise Conspiracy on A New Morning, Changing Weather (Burning Heart/Epitaph)
  25. News I by Five on Hesperus (Tortuga)