Episode 41: DJs Mix It Up...Music Swap with Sasha

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Earlier this week, I had the honor and delight of sitting in with fellow BFF.fm DJ, Sasha- the genially rad host of Boy with Girl's Name Morning Mixtape. His last episode BwGN AM Mixtape #63 – The one for writers, w/ Darcy A., is a  deftly curated mixtape along with jam-packed fun facts about featured songs and artists on the excruciating subject of writing. I couldn't feel special enough to have been included on a segment of the show last Tuesday, so I'm including a shout-out segment to Sasha, including tunes from Kacey Johansing, Mates of State, Low, Hop Along, Gossip, and LUMP (Laura Marling and Michael Lindsay).  Also included on the episode are artists Las Aves, Arthur Russell, Kazy Lambist, Wayne Snow, Boy Azooga, Walter TV, The Cleaners From Venus, & Julie Byrne.

Tune into Boy with Girl's Name Morning Mixtape  every Tuesday from 8-10am PT, and be on the lookout for Sasha's forthcoming DJ profile :D

*Also my late Grandma Reba's birthday was on October 16th, and I dedicate this episode to the memory of her dazzling spirit and unmatched kindness <3 

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