The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Unit 77 & DJ Gabriell (Providence) 10/16/18


  1. Rain by The Cult on Love
  2. Gallows Dance by Lebanon Hanover on Tomb For Two
  3. The Blood by The Cure on The Head on the Door
  4. Circuits Collide by The Secret Light on Mirror Mirror
  5. Misirlou by Anthony Jones on Guardian of the Wolf
  6. NEON by Voices
  7. Voi by Schwingungen on Technopolis 3 compilation
  8. VX-8017 by Take An Acid
  9. Konzept by Hypnautic Beats
  10. SA 42 by Carnival on Pro Patria
  11. Split by KMFDM on Split EP
  12. Worlock by Skinny Puppy on Rabies
  13. God Of All by VNV Nation on Noire
  14. Force Dimension by Lasergunn on Deus Ex Machina
  15. Lack Of Sense (Razormaid Mix) by Tribantura