Ep 47: "Rocky's Revenge"

Episode title comes from Rocky Rivera's new album Rocky's Revenge,the album release show is this Thursday at the Uptown in Oakland, and the first 100 people at the door will get a free copy.

Photo of Rocky Rivera is a still from the "Best Shot" video directed by Kate Dash (ig: @been.milky).

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  1. Rocky's Revenge by Rocky Rivera on Rocky's Revenge (Guerilla Busfare)
  2. PO Box by Preening on Greasetrap Frisbee
  3. Hot Shopper by The World on First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
  4. Withheld from the Cycle by EXEK on A Casual Assembly
  5. Raven Raven by Exploded View on Obey (Sacred Bones)
  6. Isle by Marbled Eye on Leisure
  7. 14 by Friendless Summer on No Bad Days
  8. Arroyo Burro by Dot Vom on Melatonin EP (textme records)
  9. Feeling to Believe by Palomas on Demo
  10. My Problems by Night Shapes on Wake Up
  11. Blue Light by Sirena Victima on To You And Yours
  12. Plane by Balms
  13. Laughing Man by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland)
  14. Shear by Club Night on Hell Ya (Tiny Engines)
  15. Full Moon by IDHAZ on Drink the Wind (true indigo)
  16. Against All Odds by Phil Collins on The Singles (Atlantic)
  17. Winter Sun by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell yeah on Open Minds Open Minds
  18. 80ft me by Tony Jay
  19. Homo Safe by The Homobiles on Burnin' Rubber
  20. Paranoia by Stranger than Fact on Magnetic LP
  21. About Power by Al Harper on About Power EP
  22. Burn the Fucker Down by These Bastards on Demo 2018
  23. Pretend by Seablite on Seablite
  24. Lets Talk by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep
  25. From Autumn by Yea-Ming and the Rumours on Baby Blue (Self Released)
  26. NoNseNsE by Tropical City
  27. Falcon by Super Unison on Stella
  28. Mail Truck by Small Crush on Blush
  29. Communicationissexyidkhow2 by the Aquadolls
  30. Hate Me by Kilroi on mustn'ts
  31. Eye-5 by Jawbreaker on Unfun
  32. I'm Sorry Grandma (Live) by Clare O'Kane on Let it Be
  33. Take What I Don't Need by Street Eaters on The Envoy (Self Released)