cheetle radio 2.6.2015


  1. Specter by Michael and the Strange Land on Specter
  2. Can't Keep Waiting by The Ar-Kaics on The Ar-Kaics (Windian Records)
  3. Motorbike by Wooden Shjips on Dos (Holy Mountain)
  4. Oppenheimer by Meatraffle on Thinking About Moving To Hastings (Trash Mouth)
  5. Sucksess by Michael Rault on Living Daylight (Burger)
  6. Open Those Savage Eyes by Luke Sweeney on Adventure:Us
  7. Dropout by Creeping Pink Machine on An Afternoon on Fog Island
  8. 2 by Disappearing People on Shades EP
  9. So High by Nate Mercereau on EP 2
  10. Root by Wove on Wove
  11. Sugarman by Rodriguez on Searching for Sugarman
  12. I love you by Spacemen 3 on Recurring (Space Age Recordings)
  13. Time by Merchandise on Desire (Katorga Works)
  14. Disorder by Creepers on Lush (All Black Recording)
  15. The Dawn by Mondo Drag on Mondo Drag (Artifact)
  16. Loving You by The Outcasts on --
  17. When You Find Out by The Nerves on -- (Alive)
  18. Tell Me I'm the Only One by Wreckless Eric on -- (Stiff)
  19. Wu Twang by Miro Belle on Happy Trail Mix
  20. Didn't I by Darondo on --
  21. The Lovers Suicide by The Bilinda Butchers on Heaven (Orchid Tapes)
  22. Die Life by The Soft Moon on Zeros (Captured Tracks)
  23. Mobylette by Limininas on (I've Got) Trouble In Mind (Trouble In Mind)
  24. Dawn Tourists by Tense Men
  25. Dry Ice by Pure X on Pleasure (Acéphale/Light Lodge)
  26. Chill Spot by Gap Dream
  27. Chnam Oun 16 by Ros Sereysothea on --