Indierockgirl Radio - 10.28.18

The best new indie rock music, just as the name implies!


  1. My Golden One by La Luz on Floating Features
  2. Smoke Machine by Jesse Woods on Autoflower
  3. Learn Toulouse by Willie J Healey on 666 Kill
  4. Sycamore by Tim Cohen on The Modern World
  5. Oceans by bakers at dawn on yes/no
  6. First Flower by Molly Burch on First Flower
  7. Wind by Anna St. Louis on If only there was a river
  8. Bassackwards by Kurt Vile on Bottle It In (Matador)
  9. Wind by Easy Giant on Old Rev
  10. Pretty Miss Titty by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich
  11. Honestly, I Wish that I knew by The Smoking Trees on The Adventure Continues...
  12. Never Be Another You (Reggae Mix) by El Michaels Affair, Lee Fields on Never Be Another You (Reggae Mix) (Big Crown)
  13. Celui qui danse by The Rebels of Tijuana on Asile
  14. T.V. In Jail on Mars by Death Valley Girls on Darkness Rains