I've Got... Something with Baqvas

Lots of thoughtful beats throughout -- heavy sounds balanced with some lighter ones and all tracks you can move to. Gotta love introspective multi-subgenre sets... Also, if you're able to vote, maybe do that this Tuesday? Here'sa list of California voter guides that are awesome.

Music from the Bay, UK, East Coast, LA, etc and made by folks who are from the following diasporas: Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Jamaican/Grenadian, Honduran, Korean, Black -- and some artists are mixed race, some are queer.

ULIYA, Soundcloud

Chalo by Kohinoorgasm (Music Video)

Bubble Ghum, Bandcamp

Immigrant Sons (Pesos and Gas) by GAIKA (Music Video)


  2. Close To The Root by GAIKA on Basic Volume (Warp)
  3. Pyaas feat. Iman Shahid by Bubble Ghum on Brown Morticia (Self Released)
  4. Chalo by Kohinoorgasm (Self Released)
  5. Nineteen by Uliya (Self Released)
  6. Suncity ft. Empress Of by Khalid on Suncity (RCA)
  7. Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas) by GAIKA on Basic Volume (Warp)
  8. Mass Grave by HEALTH x Soccer Mommy (Self Released)
  9. Street Pressure by Pictureplane on Technomancer (Anticon)
  10. I've Got Love by Empress Of on Us (Terrible Records)
  11. Bad Habits by Madame Gandhi (Self Released)
  12. Lifetime by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands Of Love (Warp Records)