B-Side Dreams 139 - Recorded in the Basement


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  1. Mattress on the Floor by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland) $ Buy
  2. Kathleen Says by Papercuts on Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland) $ Buy
  3. I Can't Get Free by Anna Hillburg on Really Real (https://annahillburg.bandcamp.com/) $ Buy
  4. Venus by Twist on Distancing (Buzz Records) $ Buy
  5. Losing Myself by The Goon Sax on We're Not Talking (Chapter Music) $ Buy
  6. Pigeonhole by Alexei Shishkin on happy bday (Forged Artifacts 9/28/2018) $ Buy
  7. Spleen by The Ocean Party on The Oddfellows' Hall (Emotional Response) $ Buy
  8. No Era El by Julie Doiron on Julie Doiron Canta en Espagnol (Acuarela Producciones SL) $ Buy
  9. Black Truck by Dear Nora on Skulls Example (Ordinal) $ Buy
  10. I Feel It by Mini Dresses on Collected Singles (Joy Void 2017) $ Buy
  11. Something's Wrong With the Morning by Margo Guryan on 29 Demos (Modern Harmonic) $ Buy
  12. These Days by Nico on Chelsea Girl (Verve 1967) $ Buy
  13. Last Words of A Shooting Star by Mitski on Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Double Double Whammy) $ Buy
  14. The Way it Goes by Sneaks on Highway Hypnosis (Merge 2019) $ Buy
  15. Falsetto by Public Memory on Demolition (Felte) $ Buy
  16. Signing Off by UB40 on Signing Off (Graduate) $ Buy