transfiguration #73


  1. basic need by Tirzah on devotion
  2. play it up by Georgia Anne Muldrow on Overload
  3. Jeepz by BC Kingdom
  4. Liquid Deep by Dreamcast on Liquid Deep
  5. Leo by Dreamcast on Floral Place
  6. for real by Mo Kolours on Inner Symbols
  7. Light Up Ahead (Time Mirage) [feat. Porter Ray, Gerald Turner, Darrius Willrich, OC Notes & Shabazz Palaces) by Knife Knights on 1 Time Mirage
  8. Hold On by Scott Xylo! on Hold On
  9. Pusan Perimeter by M.B. Jones on R.O.K. Spy
  10. Relapse (feat. Traffic) by Knxwledge on Gladwemet
  11. Topdown by Channel Tres on Channel Tres
  12. Pink.Blue by Pink Siifu & Malik Abdul-Rahmaan on brrwd love, Vol. 1
  13. Do My Dance by NAPPYNAPPA on New Balance
  14. Spacecrafts in Rajasthan (Instrumental) by The Skull Eclipses on Penumbras
  15. What a Shame by Jr Thomas & The Volcanos on Rockstone
  16. Mash Down Babylon by The Chosen Brothers on Sing & Shout
  17. Mother Nature (feat. Ella Mae Sueref) by Clifford Brown & Jean Bassa on Samba del Sol - Banoffee Pies Beats 03 (feat. Ella Mae Sueref)
  18. My Bisexual Friend by David Liebe Hart, Jad Fair & Jason Willett on For Everyone
  19. Amerikan Dread by Victor on Amerikan Dread
  20. Nuclear War by Etienne Jaumet on 8 regards obliques
  21. Erotic Delight by Witch on Kuomboka
  22. Party Smokes by Conga Radio on Right Beside You
  23. Blind Corner by Peaking Lights on Sea of Sand
  24. Wear Me Down by Ross from Friends on Family Portrait
  25. AD by FYI Chris on Snod Hill
  26. All Is Well by Yadava on It Rains Here
  27. I'm Not Over You by Manuel Darquart on Birds of Paradiso
  28. Gotta Get Thru It by Garrett on Private Life II
  29. Havana Rhythm Dance (feat. Andrew Ashong) by Auntie Flo on Radio Highlife