Introducing “No Magic” with Ben Ward

Hi! I'm Ben Ward and I want to tell you about my new show, No Magic. Starting on Tuesday, January 1st at 8pm. Live, of course, here on

I'll be playing a familiarly lurching mix of rock, pop, electronic and dance, hip-hip and rap… whatever feels appropriate to keep your Tuesday evening lively — or at least interesting. Plus, exploring a set of tracks from the album of the week, and indulging in older material and live performances, too.

I'm most excited to continue welcoming guests and their songs and stories. No Magic will make a little space for fellow enthusiasts, DJs, music nerds and even some actual bonafide musicians to share their experiences and inspirations.

If you liked Eclectic Kettle, I think you'll like No Magic. Please follow @nomagicradio on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to the podcast. You can find all of that any time via

Please tune in live for the first show, starting on new years day; Tuesday January 1st. Live on at 8pm. No magic. Just music. I can't wait.


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  1. Meet Me At The Pier by Doves on Lost Sides (Heavenly) $ Buy