Bird Flu Kitchen 70: Guest Michael Orlinsky


  1. When the Right Time Comess by Hibbity Dibbity on Deep Strange Country
  2. Run of the Mill by Deer Tick on Hey! Yeah! / Run of the Mill
  3. Indra's Net by Circa Survive on The Amulet
  4. Bloodless by Andrew Bird on Bloodless
  5. Treasures and Trolls by Tera Melos
  6. Meet the Ronin by Mighty Quinn on & The Oakland Ronin
  7. I Dont Care by Michael Orlinsky on A Song A Day
  8. The Hive by Michael Orlinsky on A Song A Day
  9. Am I Wrong? by Low Cut Connie on Dirty Pictures part 1 (Contender Records)
  10. Revolution Rock N Roll by Low Cut Connie on DIrty Pictures (Contender Records)
  11. Darkest Heart by Ajj on Only God Can Judge Me and More
  12. Feedback in the Field by Plants and Animals on Parc Avenue
  13. The Ice Of Boston by Dismemberment Plan
  14. Locomotive by Plague Vendor on Locomotive
  15. Here I Am by The Explosion on Black Tape
  16. Midwestern States by The Menzingers on After The Party
  17. Hooked by Colfax Speed Queen on Talk to Your Doctor
  18. Hovering above Rishikesh by The Rabbit Hole Orchestra
  19. Goin' Crazy by Michael Orlinsky on A Song A Day