Rude Awakening 043: Featured Album- The Fad "Get After It"


  1. Scene 48 by Retirement Party on Somewhat Literate (Counter Intuitive)
  2. Break
  3. Formless and New by Rubblebucket on Annihilation Song (Grand Jury)
  4. Link in Bio by Diet Cig on Over Easy (Father/Daughter)
  5. California by Human People on Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears (Exploding in Sound)
  6. Heaven by Charly Bliss on Heaven (Barsuk Records)
  7. Trying by Bully on Feels Like (Columbia Records)
  8. Break
  9. Gaslight Anthem (The Song Not The Band) by Thin Lips on Thin Lips on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Live)
  10. Untitled (LA) by Swearin' on Swearin' on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Live)
  11. Lousy by Cheap Girls on Cheap Girls on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Live)
  12. Anchorless by Propagandhi on Less Talk, More Rock (Fat Wreck Chords)
  13. Suspect Device by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on Sharkbite Sessions
  14. Break
  15. The Politics of Passing Out by The World/Inferno Friendship Society on The Anarchy & The Ecstacy (Chunksaah Records)
  16. Dollars and Cents by Bruce Lee Band on Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (Asian Man Records)
  17. Biochemistry by Behind Deadlines on Status Quo
  18. I'm More or Less Your Man by Something to Do on Design for Living
  19. The Way It Was by We Are The Union on Self Care (WATU)
  20. Break
  21. Cut It by The Fad on Get After It
  22. Mary Jane by The Fad on Get After It
  23. Fit In by The Fad on Get After It
  24. Rat Race by The Fad on Get After It
  25. It's About Time by The Fad on Keep it Short
  26. The Hater by The Fad on Keep it Short
  27. Break
  28. Compass by The Hempsteadys on Seance! Seance!
  29. Try Me On by The Holophonics on Phantom Arrival
  30. Here We Are by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on While We're At It (Bosstones Music)
  31. For The First Time by Westbound Train on Transitions (Hellcat Records)
  32. Submarine Surf Party by The Shipwrecks on Here on the South Shore We Treat Our Friend Mo Bettah
  33. Break
  34. NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!! by Jeff Rosenstock on Split with SKASUCKS
  35. Midnight Cowboy by SKASUCKS on Split with SKASUCKS
  36. Come on Baby by Catbite on Panther Pro Sessions
  37. Perfect Life by The Screw-Ups on No Time to Waste
  38. Broken World by The Interrupters on Fight The Good Fight (Hellcat)
  39. I Like That (Easy Star All-Stars & Michael Goldwasser Reggae Remix) by Janelle Monáe on I Like That (Easy Star All-Stars & Michael Goldwasser Reggae Remix) (Atlantic)
  40. Break
  41. Romeo by Dumb on Seeing Green (Mint Records)