1. Real Tight by Methyl Ethel on Real Tight (4AD)
  2. Unfollow by Mr. Little Jeans on Unfollow (Harvest)
  3. I Want To Live by John Maus on Addendum (Ribbon Music)
  4. Us And Them by Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon (Parlophone)
  5. Hey Moon! by Molly Nilsson on These Things Take Time (Dark Skies Association)
  6. City Kitty by French Cassettes on City Kitty (Full Frenchy)
  7. Brink of Death by Spooky Mansion on Brink of Death (Bathmaster)
  8. Less Of A Woman by Lapel on Less Of A Woman (Lapel)
  9. Frost by Cellar Doors on Frost / Prism (Spiritual Pajamas)
  10. Collide by The Asteroid #4 on Collide (13 O'Clock Records)
  11. Toss Up by Kevin Krauter on Toss Up (Bayonet Records)
  12. Heaven's Blade by Heaven's Blade on Heaven's Blade (Smoking Room)
  13. Materials by Suuns on Felt (Secretly Canadian)
  14. Release Yourself by Graham Van Pelt on Time Travel (Arbutus Records)
  15. American River by Destroy Boys on Make Room (Uncool Records)
  16. Armada by Beach Bums on Everything (Beach Bums)
  17. Stay Here All Night by The Total Bettys on Peach (LAUREN)
  18. Crows Came And Spoke of New Beginnings by see night on Where Are You (see night)
  19. out of your mind by AdriAnne Lenker on abysskiss (Saddle Creek)
  20. Hard Working Hand by Luke Temple on Good Mood Fool (Secretly Canadian)
  21. Rude Boy by Mr Twin Sister on Mr Twin Sister (Twin Group)
  22. Lightning and Thunder by Sateen on Sateen (Self Released)
  23. Them Changes by Thundercat on drunk (BRAINFEEDER)
  24. Come Be Me by Helado Negro on Island Universe Story Four (Rvng Intl)
  25. Santa Fe by Beirut on The Rip Tide (Pompeii)
  26. Marching Orders by Museum Of Love on Marching Orders (MoLove)