The Revolution Summer 080


  1. Dying Day by Saves The Day on Sound The Alarm (Vagrant)
  2. Stick by Snail Mail on Habit (Sister Polygon)
  3. When You See Me Again It Won't Be Me by Take One Car on Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now (Broken World Media)
  4. Always Scared by Portrait on Discography (Stickfigure)
  5. Push by Say Anything on Hebrews (Equal Vision)
  6. Stop Eating by Cex on Maryland Mansions (Jade Tree)
  7. 206 by Camber on Beautiful Charade (Deep Elm)
  8. Hell And High Water by Rainer Maria on A Better Version Of Me (Polyvinyl)
  9. Subtle Words by Pentimento on Pentimento (Paper + Plastick)
  10. One Blue Minute Past A Buzz by Broken Hearts Are Blue on The Truth About Love (Caulfield)
  11. Many Funerals by Eisley on Combinations (Equal VIsion)
  12. Hex Keys by Itto on Itto (ADAGIO830)
  13. Jukebox Memories by Just Surrender on Phoenix (Razor & Tie)
  14. We Could Become River Rats by Dikembe on Broad Shoulders (Tiny Engines)
  15. Good Morning, Providence by The Gloria Record on Start Here (Broken Circles)
  16. Grendel by Sunny Day Real Estate on Diary (Sub Pop)
  17. City Song by Daughters on You Won't Get What You Want (Ipecac)
  18. Clementine by My Iron Lung on Grief (Self Released)
  19. Passing Through A Screen Door by Have Mercy on Tour Split (Self Released)
  20. Ugly On The Inside by Owen on New Leaves (Polyvinyl)
  21. Heart Of A Broken Story by The Promise Ring on 30 Degreees Everywhere (Jade Tree)
  22. Fairweather Friend by Spitalfield on Remember Right Now (Victory)
  23. Colour by Waxwing on Nobody Can Take Whatever Everybody Owns (Second Nature)
  24. With Holes For Thumb Sized Birds by Maritime on Heresey and The Hotel Choir (Flameshovel)
  25. Brilliant Dancer by Lemuria on The Distance Is So Big (Bridge9)
  26. Opheilia by All Dogs on All Dogs (Salinas)
  27. Reverie by In Her Own Words on Unfamiliar (InVogue)
  28. Konstantine by Something Corporate on Songs for Silent Movies (MCA)