The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Dire Deparra & DJ Hiem (Pittsburgh) 11/13/18


  1. Middle Class by Rendez-Vous on Superior State
  2. Silence by Johan Baeckstrom on Utopia
  3. DTMF by Dlina Volny on Mechty
  4. Patanuc by Nurnberg on U Nikudy
  5. Yours Truly by Mode Moderne on Mode IV
  6. The Forest by Dead Can Dance on Dionysis
  7. Did You Miss Me? by Young Gods on Did You Miss Me?
  8. Aviary by Ego Likeness on The Order of the Reptile
  9. Throat Full Of Glass by Combichrist on Making Monsters
  10. Constructed Cold by Pani Lift feat. Red Lokust on Respect The Prime
  11. Kilswitch (Luna One Mix) by Tragic Impulse on Respect the Prime
  12. Aim by Heart Of Snow on Endure Or More E.P.
  13. Dolls by Gavin Friday on Shag Tobacco
  14. March Out by Kiss That on Kiss And Tell
  15. I Can't Stay Long by Ultravox on Systems Of Romance
  16. Vegetable Man by Pink Floyd