B-Side Dreams 140 - mujeres femmes frauen


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  1. Time by Sudan Archives on EP (Stones Throw) $ Buy
  2. Wax Mannequin Mode by Everyone Is Dirty on My Neon's Dead (Self) $ Buy
  3. I Found the F by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (warp) $ Buy
  4. HHS 2 by Leggy on Nice Try (Self) $ Buy
  5. Leather, Metal, Steel by Shannon Shaw on Shannon in Nashville (Easy Eye) $ Buy
  6. YMCA Pool by Palehound on YMCA Pool Single (Saddle Creek) $ Buy
  7. Cut Me Off by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records) $ Buy
  8. Baby Rust by Big Joanie on Crooked Room (Sistah Punk 2017) $ Buy
  9. Moody by ESG on ESG (Moody Records 1991) $ Buy
  10. Human Shield by Aye Nako on The Blackest Eye (Don Giovanni 2015) $ Buy
  11. Dreamlike Wildfire by Marmaladies on Weight on the World (2018 Honey House) $ Buy
  12. Sharks by Haybaby on Sleepy Kids (Tiny Engines 2015) $ Buy
  13. Tell You Now by Le Tigre on This Island (Universal 2004) $ Buy
  14. Life is Suffering by Deerhoof on The Magic (2016 Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  15. Walking with a Killer by The Breeders on All Nerve (4AD 2018) $ Buy
  16. I Do Remain by Bells Atlas on Salt and Soap (Tender Loving Empire 2018) $ Buy