Casually Crying - Episode 46 - French Cassettes, Girlpool, Another Sunny Day, Winona Forever

Hello, hope you all had some nice time off to spend with your loved ones! I also hope you had some mashed potatoes :)

What's The Mashed Potato?

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  1. Mashed Potato Time by Dee Dee Sharp on It's Mashed Potato Time/Do The Bird (ABKCO)
  2. Sinfony by Smashing Pumpkins on --
  3. Don't Say Nothin, Bad (About My Baby) by The Cookies on The Dimension Dolls (Sundazed)
  4. Good, Good Lovin' by The Blossoms on 60's Girl Groups (Warner Bros)
  5. I Really Love You by Dee Dee Sharp on The Best of Dee Dee Sharp (ABKCO)
  6. I Like The Way You Love Me by Brenton Wood on Ooogum Boogum (The Bicycle Music Company)
  7. (What A) Wonderful World by Sam Cooke on The Wonderful World of Sam Cooke (Keen Records)
  8. I Want To Thank You by Otis Redding on --
  9. Sunday Soda by French Cassettes on Sunday Soda (Full Frenchy)
  10. Apartment In The City by Candy on Under The Weather (Callum Newton)
  11. Hire by Girlpool on Hire (Girlpool Music)
  12. Dark And Stormy by The Total Bettys on This Is Paradise (The Total Bettys)
  13. Am I Glowing by The Total Bettys on This Is Paradise (The Total Bettys)
  14. So Much Better by The Total Bettys on This Is Paradise (The Total Bettys)
  15. I Know How You Get by Mk.gee on Pronounced Mcgee (Orchard Ears)
  16. Call It Home by Ginger Root on Mahjong Room (Acrophase Records)
  17. Lightenup by Parcels on Parcels (Kitsune)
  18. Summum Bonum by 落日飛車 Sunset Rollercoaster on Cassa Nova (Warner)
  19. Beyond The Clouds by You'll Never Get to Heaven on Images (Yellow K Records)
  20. Where Do You Go? by Claire George on Bodies of Water (Cascine)
  21. Car by FEELS on Car (Wichita Recordings)
  22. Looking For A Fight by Bleached on Ride Your Heart (Dead Oceans)
  23. Merry Go Round by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
  24. Violent Haze by Satan Wriders on Bubble Guts (Harlot Records)
  25. F.W.T.S:L.T.M. by True Widow on AVVOLGERE (Relapse)
  26. No by Vivian Girls on Vivian Girls (In The Red)
  27. Thank You For Being You by The Pastels on Truckload of Trouble (Paperhouse Records)
  28. Talulah Gosh by Talulah Gosh on Backwash (K Records)
  29. Shimmer by The Flatmates on Potpourri: Hits, Mixes and Demos '85 - '74 (Cherry Red)
  30. Falling Down The Stairs by Even As We Speak on Feral Pop Frenzy (Sarah Records)
  31. Can't You Tell It's True? by Another Sunny Day on London Weekend (Sarah Records)
  32. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel by Talking Heads on More Songs About Buildings and Food (Sire Records)
  33. Keep Kool by Winona Forever on Keep Kool (Winona Forever)
  34. Ocean Song by Sobs on Catflap (Middle Class Cigars)
  35. Could Be Real by Diners on Always Room (Phat 'n' Phunky)
  36. Is There a Place I Can Go by Trudy and the Romance on Junkyard Jazz (B3SCI)
  37. In My Life by The Beatles on Rubber Soul (Apple)