transfiguration #75 danse music (tina burner)


  1. Can You Tell Me (Intro) by Samurai Guru on Recalibrate
  2. Import Memory by Native Cruise on Sunsets & Deeper Moods
  3. Kaieteur Falls by Tracing Xircles on Air Texture Vol. VI
  4. Retribution (Shanti Celeste's Chill Mix) by Cromby on Retribution
  5. Fatigue by Lauer on Power
  6. Magika by eddi shkiper on beyond Salty Island
  7. Pakana Tana by Naduve on Back to Work
  8. eam Me Up (Please Take Me Away Mix) by Octo Octa on Devotion
  9. Golden Hour by Gnork on Marble
  10. Leave It Open by Seb Wildblood on Grab the Wheel
  11. Stalking The Canopy by Black Merlin on Kosua
  12. The Twirler by Ciel on Hundred Flowers
  13. Who Me? (D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi Remix) by LAPS, D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi on Who Me?
  14. AK by D. Tiffany on "Feel U"
  15. Orbit_458 by the Burrell Connection on Hyper/Orbit
  16. Untitled 5 by Marco Lazovic on Young Days
  17. Chords to Dream by Soela on Sunny Winter Morning
  18. Pulsar by Lone on Ambivert Tools, Vol. 4
  19. Do Not Visit The Club (Marco Lazovic Remix) by Eva 00 on Do Not Visit The Club
  20. Orange Islands by JVXTA on Orange Islands
  21. Rooned by La Fleur on Förbindelse
  22. Angel by Tom VR on Angel / Getting the Best of Me
  23. Break
  24. Gluttony Bay by Goddard on Find Me