sleeves on hearts #1


  1. Two Voices by K. Leimer on Land Of The Look Behind (Palace of Lights)
  2. II Sogno Di Monica by Arp on Mexican Summer (Mexican Summer)
  3. Paris, Texas by Ry Cooder on Paris, Texas (Warner Bros)
  4. Mala Suerte by Las Malas Amistades on Maleza (Honest Jon's)
  5. Bite The Hand by boygenius on boygenius (Matador)
  6. Sorry for Your Loss (feat. PJ Harvey) by John Parish on Bird Dog Dante (Thrill Jockey)
  7. Mary Don't You Weep (Piano & Microphone Version) by Prince on Piano & Microphone (NPG)
  8. Dance of the Bacchantes by Dead Can Dance on Dionysus (PIAS)
  9. El Arbvi by Cheb Khaled on Khaled (Blue Silver)
  10. Freedun (Feat. Zayn) by M.I.A. on AIM (Interscope)
  11. Jesus Was A Stoner (feat. Gonjasufi) by Cypress Hill on Elephants On Acid (BMG)
  12. ABoneCroneDrone4 by Sheila Chandra on ABoneCroneDrone (Caroline)
  13. Oh How I Miss You by Broadcast on Haha Sound (Warp)
  14. If Not This Time by Fifty Foot Hose on Cauldron (Limelighht)
  15. Don't Need by White Magic on Through The Sun Door (Drag City)
  16. A No No by Mariah Carey on Caution (Epic)
  17. Dance of Maria by Elias Rahbani on Mosaic of the Orient (Habibi Funk Records)
  18. J'aime Les Filles by Jacques Dutronc on J'aime Les Filles (Disques Vogue)
  19. You Get by Cat Power on Wanderer (Domino)
  20. Never Said by Liz Phair on Exit In Guyville (Matador)
  21. You Turn Me On by Beat Happening on Beat Happening (K / Sub Pop)
  22. Rome Wasn't Burnt In A Day by Escape-ism on Introduction To Escape-ism (Merge)
  23. Home Is Where The Hatred Is by Esther Phillips on From A Whisper To A Scream (Kudu / CTI)
  24. The Real Line by Julius Smack on Energies (Practical)
  25. Born Under Punches by Angelique Kidjo on Remain In Light (Kravenworks)
  26. The Old Book by Mako Sica & Hamid Drake on Ronda (Monofonous Press / Astrtal Spirits / Feeding Tube)
  27. Outside by Klaus Kruger on Advance Dance (Early Sounds Recordings)
  28. Out by Liquid Liquid on Optimo (99)
  29. Yang Yang by Yoko Ono on Approximately Infinite Universe (Apple)
  30. Dreams Are Free Motherfucker by Minutemen on Buzz (SST)