Ep 51: "Quiet When the Power's Out"

Perhapsy, whose new album Kingdom Starlight Bliss comes out this Saturday, get the record this Friday at Bottom the Hill, where he's playing with Small Crimes, Fell Runner, and Same Girls.

Episode title is from the song "Power's Out" by Michael O., in reference to my failure to start this show off with Shannon & the Clams covering Snap!'s 1990 song "(I Got) The Power".

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  1. The Curse (Is Getting Worse) by Perhapsy on Kingdom Starlight Bliss
  2. Dying Arts by Perhapsy on Kingdom Starlight Bliss
  3. Mulligan by small crimes on Demons (self)
  4. Song of the Sun by Fell Runner on Fell Runner
  5. Inner Space by Same Girls (textme records)
  6. Heaven Patrol by Trash Vampires
  7. Night Owl by Beach Bums on Loverboyrando EP
  8. Duck Eat Duck World by Destroy Boys on Sorry Mom
  9. Power's Out by Michael O on Power's Out (fruits & flowers)
  10. Lake House by Ziplock on EP (Processional Cross)
  11. Be Free by Blades Of Joy on Blades of Joy (Melters)
  12. Isle by Marbled Eye on Leisure LP (Digital Regress)
  13. Jennifer by Cold Beat on A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries)
  14. Fat, Pregnant, Stoned by Buzzed Lightbeer on Buzzed Lightbeer
  15. Hi-Tide by Lofi Legs on Sonic Century
  16. Abq, NM by Yoy on Who R U?
  17. Corners by Warm Springs
  18. Security Blues by The Berries on Start All Over Again (Run for Cover)
  19. Dually by Half Stack on Quitting Time (Processional Cross)
  20. Smoov by Heaven's Blade on TAPE
  21. Tie Slow by Sour Widows on Big Girl's Bedroom EP
  22. cut it out by Doncat on Preservation of the Spirit (Marble Eye Music)
  23. That's How it is (Lp Version) by Casual on Fear Itself (Jive)
  24. Control Myself by Lily And Horn Horse on Lily on Horn Horse (Ramp Local)
  25. Melodie Affamee by Matt Robidoux on Cracker Cuts
  26. It's the Right Time by W0rk on It's The Right Time
  27. The Power (SNAP! cover) by Shannon & the Clams on From the TV Show "Hollywood Nailz" (Wacky Wacko)
  28. Rocky's Revenge by Rocky Rivera on Rocky's Revenge (Guerilla Busfare)
  29. Brick by Lower Self on Lower Self
  30. Way Over Here (For Ellsworth Kelly) by Cindy on Cindy
  31. 80ft me by Tony Jay
  32. Oakland Punqx by Dingbat Superminx on Tasteful As Life/ Discreet as Death
  33. Right by David Bowie on Young Americans (RCA)
  34. 850 Bryant by Spiritual Cramp on Police State EP (Deranged Records)
  35. The Power by SNAP! on World Power (BMG)