Nov 24


  1. Girls on the TV by Laura Jean on Devotion (Chapter Music)
  2. Money Don't Grow on Trees by Sneaks on Highway Hypnosis (Merge)
  3. Eboueurs by Croque Madam on Croque Madam (Self Released)
  4. Babyface by The Elected on Bury Me In My Rings (BMG)
  5. Christa by Totally Mild on Down Time (Bedroom Suck)
  6. Let's Start at the Beginning by The Treasures of Mexico on Holding Pattern (Shelflife)
  7. Chelsea Beautiful by Ashley Park on A House Full of Friends (Magic Marker)
  8. Book of Love by Fraser A. Gorman on Slow Gum (Marathon Artists)
  9. She's Dead by The Brilliant Corners on Somebody Up There Likes Me / Joy Ride (Cherry Red)
  10. He's the Moon by Bernice on Puff: In The Air Without A Shape (Arts & Crafts)
  11. Dreaming Another Life by Alexis Taylor on Beautiful Thing (Domino)
  12. Keep On by Loose Tooth on Keep Up (Milk! Records)
  13. Constellations (I Still Love You) by Hotel Eden on Constellations (I Still Love You) (Solar Set Records)
  14. Old Stuff, New Glass by The Orielles on Silver Dollar Moment (Heavenly Recordings)
  15. Be Released by Virginia Wing on Be Released (Fire Records)