The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #140

banging techno, thanksgiving edition!


  1. Marseille by Cage Suburbia on Cage Suburbia - Argument #02 (Visit
  2. A-02 by AAR on First Grade (Visit
  3. - by thorsten sideb0ard
  4. 0019A by PARSA on AA0019 (Visit
  5. 92 by 1991 on No More Dreams 03
  6. 2 by HONTOS on Subway Series Vol.1 (Visit
  7. Break
  8. Let's Go by DANNN on Let's Go
  9. StepMove #01 (feat. Speedy K) by NHK yx Koyxen on Self Split EP
  10. Submarine '95 by The Higher on The Core (XL Recordings)
  11. Nose Bleed by East Man on Stop Flapping Your Gums (Vol.1) (Visit
  12. Are You Still Hurt by тпсб on Sekundenschlaf (Blackest Ever Black)
  13. Datura Inoxia by D1-66er on Live coding alrededor del sol (Visit
  14. Practical Closures by Kindohm on RISC Chip (Visit
  15. Untitled Lvlz by Sunun on Ooid (Visit
  16. Drone DPO by Somec on Source Of Uncertainty (Visit
  17. glass in plastic (with Arad Acid) by exael on collex (OUEST096) (Visit
  18. LEVIN B w/ Dodgelodge - Gravey MILKS TOI TRUTH by Bad@Maths on PROSEGUR (Visit
  19. Mossy Cyphol by North Sea Dialect on Local Guide (Numbers)
  20. Intraveineuse by Strapontin on Fondofunk EP (Visit
  21. Orbit_458 by The Burrell Connection on Hyper/Orbit (Visit
  22. You People Are Fucked by Demdike Stare on Passion (DDS)