Soul Deep with Fizzy Pop

Today we'll honor honor the late singer of The Buzzcocks, Pete Shelley. We'll also hear a variety of soulful jams across several decades and genres.


  1. Land: Horses/Land of a Thousand Dances by Patti Smith
  2. Soul Deep by The Box Tops
  3. Waterfall by Quintron
  4. Rainbow Tree by The Lemon Pipers
  5. Mr. Soul by Neil Young on Trans
  6. I Don't Mind by Buzzcocks
  7. Homosapian by Pete Shelley
  8. Ever Fallen In Love by Fine Young Cannibals on The Raw and the Cooked
  9. Real World by Buzzcocks
  10. Satellite Of Love by The Eurythmics on Sweet Dreams (RCA)
  11. A Life of Illusion by Joe Walsh
  12. What Is Life by George Harrison on All Things Must Pass (Apple)
  13. Everybody's Gotta Live by Arthur Lee
  14. Happiness Runs by Donovan on Barbajagal
  15. Hammond Song by The Roches
  16. Sita Ram by Alice Coltrane on Universal Consciousness
  17. Enlightenment by Sun Ra
  18. Nothing by The Fugs
  19. God Out West by Link Wray
  20. Is It Love by T.Rex
  21. I'm Glad by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
  22. Everybody's Happy Now by Buzzcocks
  23. Harmony In My Head by Buzzcocks
  24. Why Can't I Touch It by Buzzcocks