1. On The Otherside by Evan & the Live Oaks on Hyde Street E.P. (Self)
  2. Bang-a-Rang! by Gibby Paul on So Savage (Self)
  3. Madonna by Margalee on Madonna (879381)
  4. Champagne by My Brightest Diamond on A Million and One (Rhyme & Reason Records)
  5. Say, Can You Hear by Men I Trust on Say, Can You Hear (Independent)
  6. Last Christmas by Michael Seyer on Last Christmas (Momotaro)
  7. Wild Horses by Snow Patrol on Wildness (Polydor)
  8. Premonitions by Miya Folick on Premonitions (Terrible Records)
  9. Canyons by Barrie on Canyons (Winspear)
  10. Keep It Out by Half Waif on Keep it Out (Cascine)
  11. Fucking by Whitney Ballen on You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship (Father/Daughter)
  12. Maximum Sunlight by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
  13. legs in september by cool ghouls on gord's horse (self released)
  14. Brutal Earthquake by Tino Drima on Her Kind of Man (self)
  15. All Choked Up by Broncho on Bad Behavior (Park The Van)
  16. Weekend by BRONCHO on Bad Behavior (Park The Van Records)
  17. Hot Tears by Pinky Pinky on Hot Tears (Innovative Leisure)
  18. Keep Pushin by Warbly Jets on Warbly Jets (Rebel Union)
  19. Bag Of Chips by Henry Chadwick on Marlin Fisher (Self)
  20. Sugar Mountain by The Pleasure Routine on Sugar Mountain (Self)
  21. Love Jerks by Love, Jerks on Million Movies (Self)
  22. This Time Last Year by Tangerine on This Time Last Year (Tangerine)
  23. The Rules by Billie Gale on The Rules (Billie Gale)
  24. You And I by LOCO TRANQUILO on The Morning Light (Light Rail Studios)
  25. Good Night America by The Lulls on Meridian (Self)
  26. One Thing by Night Beats on One Thing (Heavenly Recordings)
  27. Andy Warhol by David Bowie on Hunky Dory (RCA)
  28. Susan by Jack Ladder on Blue Poles (Self Portrait)
  29. Break
  30. Follow Me by The Shacks on Follow Me (Big Crown Records)